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International Au Pair Agencies 2


We take great pride in our network and their contribution to the experience of cultural childcare with a passion.


Families benefit from the knowledge, focus and added value that our agents provide - much of which as a result of successful involvement in the au pair industry. Our agencies are based all over Europe and speak the language of the candidate. They understand that quality and honesty are key to success.

Agents are responsible for  
  • providing information about the au pair program to prospective au pairs in their native language
  • interviewing candidates
  • testing language skills of candidates
  • double checking that potential candidates have read and understood the information provided in native language to avoid misunderstandings
  • validating the additional information provided by the au pair candidates (reference check, police & medical documents)

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We recognise that the au pair experience is a big step and we would like to make it as inviting as possible.
We are keen to collaborate with companies that have relevant products for au pairs and/or host families.

We are looking for a benefit on

  • Travel products ranging from interesting and affordable excursions to flight tickets,
  • Practical product of relevance such as gap year insurance and banking
  • Communication products such as UK Mobile, online calling, broadband packages, webcam to keep in touch 
  • Valuable information on childcare training, education, entertainment, excursions, where and how to meet like minded people
  • Fun products to recommend to our host families, fun and educational (just like the au pair experience!)

We are looking for money off for our au pairs and for host families. In exchange for this, we offer you a preferred partner feature in our marketing material and on our website.

And naturally, we introduce your brand to new customers. Au pairs are ambitious, many have a degree, some of them go on to be top executives. Our host families are caring, educated people with an interest in culture, travel and fashion.

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Smartaupairs is proud to support BBC Children in Need. We pledge a minimum of £2 from every placement to support Children in Need and hope to be able to hand over a nice big cheque in November.

Why Children in Need?

For so many reasons; the broad appeal and nationwide activities means it is relevant to children all over Britain, same as our business is relevant to families all over the UK.

I also think that the Children in Need day in November, together with Red Nose Day are two very British initiatives. I have lived and worked in other countries across Europe and the world and no other nation gets behind these initiatives in such an amazing way year after year, no matter what.

In the companies where I worked, it brought the entire team together, from directors to the post room; all would contribute in their own personal way from shaving heads to painting nails and eating bugs, all to raise more money for charity. We would all feel good about being involved in doing something for someone else and to stop and encourage others to do the same and go further.

The enthusiasm on radio and tv and seeing how much good is done with the money would make you want to give some more again in the evening when you enjoy the show with the family.

To me, Children in Need brings people together in many different ways. That’s why I think Smartaupairs should support this Charity.

And, as we get closer to November, I will encourage families and au pairs to think about other things they can do if they want to be involved. Maybe all profile pictures can wear a bandana in October?