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How we work for au pair in Australia

Au Pair Positions 



This is how we work with you.


1.    You register online, it’s FREE and gets you started


2.    You print our reference pack, this includes easy to use checklist and important preparation material


3.    You submit the complete pack


4.    We call you for information session and interview.


5.    We prepare your file for family matching


6.    We introduce you to screened host family; they invite you to be their au pair


7.    You arrange travel insurance and flights


8.    You travel and enjoy the au pair program!


Request our application pack by e-mailing


SMART Tips for the best profile


NOTE: you can register at any time. However, ideally you should register at least 3 months before your intended travel date to maximise your chance of matching you to a host family. If you can be flexible about dates, location and children’s ages, we can find you a family – guaranteed!


Tips for au pair registration -


In the ‘More about you’ section or ‘letter to the family’ we ask you to tell us about yourself. We need you to tell us all about yourself to help us find a family where you will feel at home. The family also reads this information and they want to get a picture of the ‘real you’ in daily life.


TIP 1 – write the letter 'off-line' in WORD first and use the SPELL CHECK!


Write as much as possible, including information about:


• You: Yourself, your family, your friends, your pets, your hobbies and interests, likes/dislikes


• Your home: Where and with whom you live, your town, your region


• Your education: What sort of work/study you do/have done


• Childcare experience: Previous jobs / work experience with children (please be specific, ages of children, what did you do, how often, how long for etc.)


• Future plans: Career, goals, further studies


• Hobbies, sports, talents and interests: Anything you do in your spare time that gives you a special skill, passion or talent. An au pair can be as much a coach as a carer, especially with older children, so your skills and talent are important.


As a guide, write between 200 and 500 words.


TIP 2 – Make sure the letter is ‘generous’, if it looks rushed or short, the family will think you are rushed or don’t care (enough) about this project. If a job’s worth doing, it is worth doing well!


TIP 3 – you are not texting, use traditional language. It is better to be too formal than too ‘cool’ this is not Facebook, it is an application for a responsible position and they want to see that you are mature in your approach. Same goes for the pictures; fun is good, crazy is not.


TIP 4 - Be friendly, honest and open, for your own benefit as you need to be able to ‘be yourself’ and feel at home when you join your host family. Families choose someone to come and look after their children AND live with them in their home. You need to show them they can trust you.


TIP 5 - Show off – a little! Make sure you clearly state all your positive skills and the best features of your character. Your skills that are important to the family would include housekeeping, cooking, driving but also tennis, swimming, drawing, musical skills, sports, sewing or storytelling. The key strength of your personality may be that you are calm and remain patient at all times, on the other hand, you may be dynamic and full of energy and never too tired to play one more game or take on one more task.

Ask your friends and family, they may think of more than you do.


TIP 6 – Ask a friend or family member, preferably an adult, to proof read your letter.




TIP 7 - A host family wants to see your very best smile! Choose photos where you look friendly and relaxed.


TIP 8 – Use photos of you interacting with children, ideally children of different age groups. It is very re-assuring for a family to see that you have been around children before.


TIP 9 – Use photos of you ‘in action’ showing your favourite sport or hobby!


TIP 10 – If you are a pet lover and or pet owner, include a picture of you with your pet


Please use recent photos.


TIP 11 - if you have a video camera, why not ask a friend to video a short introduction of yourself and send us the video clip by e-mail or send us a link to an online video. Do this only if you feel you can show yourself in a confident and relaxed manner, if you are stressed by video, it is best no to bother….




TIP 12 – Think creative – childcare references can be from babysitting but also from homework help, helping at your school with younger children or helping at your local sports club.


TIP 13 – Unlucky – we cannot accept references from your family members and/or your best friend. Of course these people think you are great, and we are sure you are too but we need ‘impartial’ referees!  References can be from teachers, mentors, tutors, sports club or youth club leaders, religious leaders (church), employers (including baby-sitting families).


Please ensure there are contact details on the reference; name, address and telephone number, as we verify each reference and the family may also wish to make contact with them.


You can use the form we supply for your referee to complete or use it to check that references you already have are suitable to use.


We are really looking forward to talking to you and helping you to find a matching host family!


As soon as your registration is complete, we will start our search. We will keep you informed and will send you a message by e-mail to let you know when you have been introduced to a potential host family. You will get a chance to read their profile and you can prepare some questions, we have some tips if you need them. If the family is interested in your profile they will contact you directly for your next telephone interview.


It is important that you check your e-mail daily and respond quickly, to ensure you will not miss out on any opportunities.


Once you are successful, the family will agree details with you and confirm the details in a contract. We will support you and your host family when needed, mostly in the weeks before you travel and during settling-in period.


By completing your profile, you agree to our terms (see reference pack). We will do everything we can to assist you to find a suitable family, award you with Smartaupairs benefits and help you prepare and settle.


Ready to register?