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Au Pair Testimonials
We have had a record number of au pairs starting this autumn. Here are some of the testimonials/feedback and tips we have received from them. 

Feedback from Au Pairs

To me becoming an Au-Pair in London was the best decision of my life because after a few weeks now I can already feel that I'm learning a lot more about the english language, culture and even about myself. Before I came here I was a little worried about going to a completely different country all on my own but after a short time I was building up a new life over here which is an amazing feeling. I become way more indepentend at the moment and luckily I have a nice family and found very lovely friends over here so homesickness isn't really becoming a big deal. I think becoming an Au-Pair is the best thing you could to if you want some changes in your life and love to work with children because you get the chance to open so many doors for your future and on top of that you're having a great time with precious memories that will last forever. Annika Germany

It's amazing. My English skills improved even without language classes. It's way easier to talk now, sometimes the Yorksihre dialect is still hard to understand though. Additionally, I've become a lot more responsible and had the opportunity to meet nice people and see beautiful places. Moreover, my host family just accepted me really fast and it feels like I've found a second family here in the UK. Simone, Austria

I am in England since the end of August and I really love England! But I had to change the host family and it was not so easy to deal with that kind of experience.
Nevertheless, I had great support from the smartaupairs team and they took my problem serious. They sent me new family applications very soon and I found the perfect family for me! My new family is very nice and I have a very good relationship with my host mum and a good one with the kids :) It is amazing how quick you improve your English skills while being abroad. I am really looking forward to the next months! Saskia, Germany

I have had an amazing time in the UK and I have learned a lot so far. Anni, Germany

It was the best decision I could make, to become an au pair in England and stay here for a year. I wouldn't change anything. Sara, Poland

I live in Redhill (Surrey) now for one month and I really like it here ! The area is surrounded by beautiful parks, where you can play always with your hostchildren and you can easily take the train to London, which will take 20min. My hostfamily helped me a lot to settle in and I already feel that I am a part of the family. My hostkids are lovely boys. You learn every day something new as an Au pair! First of all you improve your English just by talking it all the time and then you learn to be very patient with the children and how to handle difficult situations. I take part in a language course at a local College twice a week. I've met some of my friends there. Most of them are local Au pairs,too. Furthermore I would suggest every Au pair to check Facebook to find local Au pair groups. You can just join them and take part at their weekly meeting :) I am really happy that I have made the decision to become an Au pair and very lucky to have such a friendly hostfamily ! Ozge, Germany

The looking for a family can be nerve-wracking, and the first week here in England was hard (homesick, feel lost, strangers) but now I want to leave no longer here! Do not be shy and always ask if you do not understand anything and then everything works already! Lea, Germany

I have been here for 2 and half months. I absolutely love it! My experience in the UK so far has been unforgettable Alexandia, Australia

So far I have to say that I did not regret to go to England as an au pair for one minute. My host family did everything they could to make me feel welcomed and they care a lot about my needs and wishes. I haven't been thrown in at the deep end but my host parents integrate me and always try to be there for me. Thanks to my predecessor I got in contact with au pairs living nearby very fast. Kings Hill is very different from any other place I've been before and although England is not far away from home my life here is completely different. I am very glad that I got the chance to make this experience Lea, Germany

The family is great, I really feel at home and I can't wait for the next 10 months! Marleen, Holland

"I love this opportunity I've been given and feel very fortunate. I found a second home and have experience and learnt so much. I highly recommend it to anyone" Cassie, Australian

Been an amazing experience so far, would highly recommend it. Alisha, Australian

I found a really nice family and I cannot complain about anything. The family is warmhearted and treat me like a family member. I'm so happy that I have found them and that I can live together with them for the next months. No complaints - I'm really happy about my situation here in London! Vanessa, Germany

It's perfect ! I learn something everyday. I imprive my english, I meet interesting people. My family is lovely. It's the best experience of my life. You must live in an other country once in your life because it's a wonderful thing to do. Celine, France

German I am very happy with my family because they already treat me like a member of the family. It was very important for me to find a family like this and Smartaupairs was really helpful with this. My main duty is to bring the children to school and collect them. Furthermore I have to spend time with children when they are at home, we normally play games or go to the playground during this time. This doesn't feel like work for me and I enjoy spending time with them. My family does also make sure that I can join them when they are doing family activities. But I also get my time off which I can spend the way I like to. Michaela, German

"be au pair is a amazing experience, and a really good way to learn english and know about new country." Ombeline, France

To come here was the best decision I could have made. I fdefinitly feel comfortable here and I am fulfilling my dream right now. I was welcomed in a very nice family and the work is very easy.    
                                            Tabea, Germany

Living and working as an au pair in London is an interesting experience for me. Even though I don't feel that I improved my English a lot but coming to a different country and living on my own without the support of family and friends did help me to be more independent! Michelle, Germany

My au pair experience has been wonderful so far and I'm sure it shall remain so. in my opinion, the reason why we get along with my host family is that, my hot family was very clear of what my duties as au pair are, and I knew what was expected of me. We also have similar personalities and same values. These 6 months have been the best time of my life and I don't have any regrets of my choice of becoming au pair. Reetta, Finland

I have a really nice host family with two lovely girls and a dog how's a bit crazy. Im now 3 weeks in England and I really like it how kind the english people are. In my city lives another au pair and we are often visiting city's at the weekends. Alissa, Germany

I would really recommend everyone who is doing a gap year to become an au pair. It coudn't be more rewarding, and as long as the family understands the programm, the chances for an amazing experience are great. Joanna, Poland

I'm having a really good time and after five weeks here, I'm already sure that this year is going to be unforgettable! The family is really nice and helpful, they always invite me to all the family activities. They also are happy if I go out with friends and always encourage me to try new things and to meet new people. The kid is just a dream, although sometimes he is a little bit complicated, but who isn't? I'm so grateful for the friends that I made here! It's true that they're not many, but I already feel as if we have been friends for forever. And, as they are also Aupairs, we can always ask each other if we have a question or a problem.

                                               Noemi, Germany

Germany The first couple of weeks were a little bit hard and exhausting because it took time to get used to everything. - Speaking English 24/7, having a sometimes (and in the beginning) exhausting timetable and always being tired for the first weeks. But from time to time it gets better and it's really cool living in a foreign family. I definitely enjoy having the boys around me lots but I'm also grateful for days when I mostly only clean or just have the day off. In the evening I love having dinner with my host parents and I really like spending time with them. We get along very well, they have a great sense of humour and they are interested in me. All of this kind of replaces the family dinners I miss from home. I was getting so grateful for the weekends that are free and which I can enjoy the way I want to (I mostly do some things with other Au Pairs but it's also nice from time to time to just spend the day at home and do nothing). All in all I couldn't be happier with my familiy and the circumstances. I already feel so at home here and it's only been a little more than a month! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year :) Susannah, Germany

Good help if you have any questions you only need to call and there is always someone who can support you. Only thing that the au pair should know is to do a lot to find friends and its not enough to just be a member of the smartaupairs community. You should register yourself in other social networks esspecially for aupair and there are a lot of those. Ischtar, Germany

Great experience so far, my family is lovely and makes me feel appriciated and my work is valuated which is always nice. Anne France, France

Anika Nehls, German The family is really open minded and they are really nice but four kids are quiet a lot but it is fun! So if someone isn't so good with being spontaneous or having a lot of things around him/herself it might won't be the best family for him or her. But I really enjoy my time! Anika, Germany

I'm really glad to work as an au pair in the UK. My host family is able to tell me a lot about the Indian culture as well as the British one. During the working days, I know exactly what I have to do. It's light house work and taking care of the children or preparing the dinner. On the weekend I'm free to do what I want, but I have always the opportunity to take part of the family's life, so I join them for some trips. On other days, I spent time with other au pairs what makes a lot of fun. All in all, it's a great experience to stay abroad. Sabrina, Germany

I arrived London for one month and I think that I can inprove my english a little bit. I go to a language school and it is very helpful for me because I meet a lot of new friends and improve myknowledge. My hostfamily is so nice and I love this family. I'm so happy that I do an Au Pair year and I think it is the best way to learn more about other countries and people, improve your language, learn more about yourself and meet new people. 
                                                    Sarah, Germany

I am really happy here, because my host family is helping with all, and I am feeling very good. I've met people here, from the same city than me (Barcelona) and from other coutries. I've also studing english in a College and I am very happy. I would like to say to the girls and boys that want to be an Au pair, that this is an oportunity to know about another country, their cultures and their language. I am improving my english a lot, and I've done friends here. I think that the people who don't have a job, people that don't know what they want to study, or people that want to live a different experience, they have to try it. Monica, Spain

My experience so far? Okay, I have met a lovely family and great kids! I enjoy every day here and I love the smiles people give me here. I can just relax and feel like home and that's something I thought would be really difficult. :-) I really did the right choice to come to this family and I am looking forward to the next 9 months in england! :-) Vanessa, Austria

It's being the most wonderful experience that I had. You don't only learn English... you learn how the english people think and act, the tipical meals (yes, the tea time is real! Jaja) and you meet a lot of friends (I can see me traveling arround Europe visiting my new friends ;) Seriously... do it. Don't be afraid! This is the moment! Marina Spain

I've only been here for a couple of days, but I already feel at home. My host parents make me feel very welcomed and help me settling in. I get along with the children really well and I could not wish for a better host family. Luise Germany

I'm so happy with my family. It is an amazing time for me to see the kids growing and giving me the best thing in live: happiness :) It's good to have a family which gives me the feeling of beeing a member of their family and take away any fear which I had before. It is important to have friends also from my home country to exchange my experience and to do some trips to Brighton or London :) that was fun!!! Mareike, Germany

To work as an au pair was one of the best choices in my life I've ever made! I'm very happy with my family, they take car for me as a daughter and that's exactly what I've been looking for. Michelle, Germany

The family is very busy, but not stressed at all. Everything is planned and I have a clear timetable so I know what to do at which time. The experiences here are very new and sometimes a bit scary, but it makes a lot of fun and as long as you keep busy and meet some new people it’s always nice and funny. This is a very new culture and it's interesting to get to know everything about the culture, traditions and personalities in another country. Nadine, Germany

I'm having a really good time and after five weeks here, I'm already sure that this year is going to be unforgettable! The family is really nice and helpful, they always invite me to all the family activities. They also are happy if I go out with friends and always encourage me to try new things and to meet new people. The kid is just a dream, although sometimes he is a little bit complicated, but who isn't? I'm so grateful for the friends that I made here! It's true that they're not many, but I already feel as if we have been friends for forever. And, as they are also Aupairs, we can always ask each other if we have a question or a problem. Noemi, Germany

I arrived London for one month and I think that I can improve my English a little bit. I go to a language school and it is very helpful for me because I meet a lot of new friends and improve my knowledge. My host family is so nice and I love this family. I'm so happy that I do an Au Pair year and I think it is the best way to learn more about other countries and people, improve your language, learn more about yourself and meet new people. Sarah, Germany

It's being the most wonderful experience that I had. You don't only learn English... you learn how the English people think and act, the typical meals (yes, the tea time is real! Jaja) and you meet a lot of friends (I can see me traveling around Europe visiting my new friends ;) Seriously... do it. Don't be afraid! This is the moment! Marina, Spain

I'm so happy with my family. It is an amazing time for me to see the kids growing and giving me the best thing in life: happiness :) It's good to have a family which gives me the feeling of being a member of their family and take away any fear which I had before. It is important to have friends also from my home country to exchange my experience and to do some trips to Brighton or London :) that was fun!!! Mareike, Germany

To come here was the best decision I could have made. I definitely feel comfortable here and I am fulfilling my dream right now. I was welcomed in a very nice family and the work is very easy. Tabea, Germany

My experience so far has been really good, my host parents are very accommodating and make me feel quite at home. As with every job there are ups and downs, but mostly ups, moving to the other side of the world has been exciting, scary, fulfilling and whatever other emotion you could think of. I have met so many amazing people and the decision to come over here and work as an au pair is by far one of the best decisions I've ever made. Lauren, Australia

Feedback from 2013 Arrivals:

It has been an amazing experience so far and I love every minute of it! My host family is lovely and the children are so nice and easy to look after. I've made a lot of friends so far! This was the best decision of my life and I am so happy that I did it. Even if I miss my family at home sometimes, I know that it is totally worth it!Caroline, Germany

I'm really happy with my host family. The parents are very lovely and especially on my first days they helped me a lot to get settled in and get used to all the new tasks (My host mum even drew little maps for me to help me with my more than bad sense of direction). The children are lovely, cute and open minded since my arrival and they already make me feel like a part of the family. I'm living close to several bus stops and train stations so that I have a good connection to other places like Greenwich or Central London. All in all I'm really happy and I'm sure to have a nice stay here. Tina, Germany

Even if it was a little hard in the beginning to leave my family and friends and everything that I know so well, it was the best decision I could have made to go as au pair into another country after my school time. To speak much English really helped me to improve my English and I recognised that I improved my English skills in the first few weeks Jana, Germany

England is great! :) I like it here. Nina, Germany

Beeing an au pair in the UK is actually as great as I´ve expected it. I´ve got a relly nice time with the children and many interesting conversations with the host family, I´ve already met a lot of friendly people and after two weeks it actually feels like living in a family. Name not disclosed

In my opinion being an au pair is the best way to improve English, know a new culture and of course meet new people! You have to be really open-minded but you'll see, it's a fantastic experience! Name not disclosed

This experience has been amazing, better than I was expecting. It's really a great adventure and I recommend it to everyone. Sara, Portugal

It's very important to ask a timetable at the family. When you don't understand, don't be afraid and ask them! Clemence, France

The location is great, because there are many au pairs in this area and you can make many friends. The family is cool and we get along with each other. They help me a lot. The children are very nice and we play sometimes. Name not disclosed

Up to now, I'm not regretting being an AuPair in London. It is very easy to get in touch with other Au Pairs (AuPair-meeting or at language School). Name not disclosed

London is a great city. Since most Aupairs have the weekend off, you have enough time to get the full London-experience. Name not disclosed

I'm living with a single parent mother and her 8 year old son. I really like them a lot! I've been living in Bristol for almost a month now and everything is alright so far. I'm quite happy that the area I live in is not so far away from the centre. I met many au pairs, some of them also live near me. In the first couple of days, it was quite exhausting to talk in English all the time, but I got used to it. My household duties are ok, there is nothing that is too hard. Apart from that, I am currently thinking about joining some sports classes, so I get to know some native speakers. Sejla, Germany

I'm here since the 29th August 2013, and everything's fine, I'm very lucky. Good family, good place to live, good friends. I really enjoy my first month here, I hope it will continue! And I have no homesick, it's really great (maybe thanks to Skype). Marie, France

I am here for a month now and it doesn't feel like such a long time! So many things are new and you get new experiences every day, you don't even notice how fast time goes by! The family can't be nicer. I am happy I made this big step in my life! Sophia, Germany

Being an Aupair - what is it like? Hard to say, as every day is different. But each day is interesting aswell, and so far I had a lot of fun here! The family is great, the children as well as the parents, and I also love Brighton with it's Lanes, Cafes and of course the seafront. Also, you have lots of opportunities to make friends and spend some time out. And if you go to the language school, you can improve your English and make friends at the same time. Despite you become really grown up, independent and learn lots of things about yourself if it is your first longer period of time abroad without your family. Of course it is not always easy, some days can also be a struggle, but for me it is a great experience so far that I wouldn't wanna miss! Elena, Germany

I think living abroad, for example as an au pair is one of the best experiences of your live. You can get so much, you improve your English, you find new friends and you learn how to live in another country. Lisa, Germany

Every day I improve my English! In my host family I'm feeling like at home!! Name not disclosed

Even though the first days have been a bit tough, I am enjoying my stay here in England more and more every day! My family is also very nice and concerned about me - I feel like being a part of the family already and it is a good feeling to be able to facilitate their everyday life. The English are really nice and open, you don't feel like a stranger for a long time! Amelie, Germany

A stay that is rewarding and rich in emotion and adventure. Lauriane, France

Hey everybody, my name is Denise, I'm from Germany and I arrived three weeks ago in Hampton (London). Now I really enjoy the time as an Au Pair with the my family! :) Name not disclosed

My host parents are very nice and lovely host parents! They have accepted me as a part of their family since my arrival. The children (11) and (9) are different characters but both are lovely and autonomous! Its very good that I have much free time during the day! The children and host mum leave the house always at 8am and the kids are in school until 4pm. Host mum comes at 7pm home and dad is sometimes at home until noon but often he has to be underway due to business. My duties are make the children breakfast, cook dinner (easy food because often they aren't very hungry after school!), help with their homework and use the washing machine, dish washer and tryer. That's all! I'm very happy with my host family and I hope that they will get an Au Pair who also enjoys the time as me! :) Name not disclosed

Hi, my name is Luis, I'm 19 years old and from Germany. My last two months in my new family were quite good! I improved my English very quickly and If I have questions, I can ask my family everytime! Life as an au pair is very easy... I know what I have to do and there a no difficulties. Of course.. the children can be exhausting sometimes, but that's normal! All in all I can say I have easy Jobs, lovley children, a very friendly family and much free time!!! In my free time I chat with friends, meet other au pairs, go shopping, go to further education courses and last month I went to a big music festival. To work as an au pair is a wonderful experience and a very good way of enjoying United Kingdom! It feels like school holidays everytime!!

The first days are difficult, because it's a huge change (another country, another language, strange people). But my host family are so nice and friendly with me that I feel better everyday. The work as an au pair is what I expected, but I have to say that the children treat me really well ( I expected that, at first, they wouldn't want me, because I'm strange, but they accepted me since the first day).It's a really unique and awesome experience. Tania, Spain

Hey i'm Judith i came form germany. In my free time i go shopping, meet friends or other aupairs. It's really nice here :)

I"m an AuPair for a little bit more then a month now and so far it was a good experience. I stay in Scotland and in the beginning it was not my preferred location, but I learned that the area or city is not as important as long as you live in a great family and you can spend your time with great new friends. Doris, Germany

The 7 weeks I spent in the UK were the best ones of my life because I experienced a lot of different places and people. The people in England are very friendly and helpful. I'm absolutely happy that I decided to be an au pair. I would recommend that to every other open mind person. I'm very satisfied with Smart Au Pairs as well. Corinna, Austria

What I most appreciate or really am learning English, I improved a lot. I came not knowing just talk, and now I can hold conversations ... and that makes me happy. And I'm living an enriching experience! :) Name not disclosed

In the beginning it fells strange, like you Interrupt in someones life, but you get used to it and better involved in your families life. If you become a member of the family it is really much fun and gives you back a lot. I will never miss those experiences!! Stefanie, Germany

This is my first week in UK but I'm feeling like at home. My host family is fantastic, the children are like my little brothers yet. Lucia, Italy

This family is simply the best what could have happened to me :) It's unbelievable how I am after only 5 weeks staying with those children able to tell anyone that I absolutely took these 3 into my heart. Even if it's hard sometimes I enjoy every tumble on the carpet and every "Luc could you help me, please!" lets me jump right up :) All in all these children accepted me in mostly every way and are likely to share lots of energy and happiness with me... as I said, the best thing that could have happened to me! :) Name not disclosed 

at the beginning it was a little difficult for get used at the new home, at the new custom but after some week you are able to handle the different situation. i think is very good for fight your timidity ! Name not disclosed

Being an au pair is the best way to see another country! You're a part of a typical English family, so you're never alone. You earn money in an enjoyable way and can spend it in the weekends. Name not disclosed

I made a a lot experiences living on my own and being responsible for other people. I like talking to other people from other parts of the world that really inspires me and get me the change to have a different view on some things! Name not disclosed

it´s a great experience that everyone has to do it one time in their lives, but you have to choose very well your family and where you want to live Name not disclosed

I have been in London for almost a month now, and it has been so amazing! my host family showed me Brixton and took me out for dinner in the Brixton village the day after I came. I have also met My host-mum's parents, and we went out for dinner too. On my first day alone with my child, we went to the cinema to see planes, it was super fun and i loved it. On my first weekend my host-mum threw me a welcome party where se invited all her neighbours and some of her friends it was really nice, and I got to meet an au pair too. She is living with one of my host-mum's friends. the day after the party i went to play rounders with a lot of my host-mum's friends, it was really fun, and it was nice to get out and see the Brockwell park, where I run alot. I have also been to the theatre to see Siro-A, which was really cool. I also went clubing with one of my host-mum's friends' daughter, she is a year older than me. it was reallt fun to get out, and see how they do it in England :) Mia, Denmark

It is a unique experience. It asks courage but the reward is immense ; be accepted in a family, become " bestfriend " of the children but the more important is assure his future by speaking English. There is no better to learn engish by having fun with the children, to discover a different culture and a new country which has many thing to learn us. Be far from his family is hard at the beginning but we find a new family and the children pass give a big strength and smile. So far I do not regret my decision to be an Aupair. It is a great experience Lauranne, France

My au pair stay is very nice. I meet a lot of new people of other countries and talk to them. The host family is a friendly and happy family. I have a lot of freetime and can meet other au pairs. My english skills could be better. But I think I need some more time to improve my english. Inka, Germany

My name is Tina and I am from Germany. It's been a month since I arrived and I am happy with my host family.

Its a great experience. You are away from home, but you still have a family around you. You learn a lot, because your hostfamily learn you stuff, but you also learn yourself a lot.I have made a lot new friends (also au pairs) and its good that we can share our experience, but also see a lot of England with eachother! Irene, Netherlands

Hi there :) Its really good hear. My Hostparents are really lovely and patient with me.Whenever I will have questions I can ask them everything. They are really effort about me feeling settled down and feeling comfortable. Tamara, Germany

I'm Jessica from France I'm here since 3 month, London it's an amazing city and I love it, I hope my english will be better soon to communicate more with other people, my host family and make more friends !

I would totally recommend an Au Pair year because so far it has been a great experience. It is nice to live in a family and experience different kinds of lifestyles. Furthermore I already improved my English skills over the last 2 months. Katharina, German

I have been living in London for four weeks. My host parents are very nice and I am already a part of the family. The boy needed some time to get used to me but our relationship gets better and better. I also have found some friends and we spend a lot of time together and enjoy living in London. Sarah, Germany

I was really unhappy with my first host family because I wasn't a part of the family and the children never listened to what I said. With the help of smartaupairs I found a lovely new host family. Here I'm part of the family and I'm happy to help my host mother with her seven year old daughter. I also found lots of new friends in my area. Lea, Germany

The family is really nice and welcoming, the "work" is no problem at all since the children are really great. The area and especially the city are really lovely, there are plenty things to do and you will have enough free time to go and explore your new hometown and also check out other cities and places. Elena, Germany

I arrived last week here in Marlow, England, and till now I had a very good time. The family is very friendly and it was easy to cope with the new situation. At the beginning it was difficult to drive on the other side but it is getting better. I have a well structured day, so I always know what to do next. I am happy that I have decided to become an Au Pair and I'm looking forward to the time I stay here. Alisa, Germany

I always tell everyone I'm working as an Au pair. But it's not actually 'work'! Further, just having a great time in the UK, making new friends and international connections, improving my language skills and besides, gaining much experiences at work with children. I'm taking care for 2 twin Brothers, aged 4, one of them gots special needs. It just makes happy to see how delightful both boys are. I would recommend the occupation as an Au pair to everyone who's open-minded, interested in britisch culture and international friends and wants to improve the language skills. Nadja, Germany

it is an incredible experience. you learn to be independent in a safe surrounded. I have a super nice host family, I'm not very homesick, i miss only the little things (the smell of my house) for the other au pairs: everything will be alright as long as you just continue and want to make the best of it. Name not disclosed

My experience are very good so far. To be an Au pair is a excellent opportunity to find out who you are and what's important for you. I love being an Au pair because you have the chance to get to know people from other countries, learn a different language and travel a Lot. My name is Lena and I'm from Germany.

Everything is great! The family, the children (of course not every time), also my work hours are very good! Personally I'm a little bit sad that I didn't find a dance school yet, but I'm still searching so I think I will find one Mandy, Germany

My name is Antonia and I am from Germany. I really like being an Au pair and to care about younger children, but it is hard work and sometimes it is difficult and you have to manage it. In the first few weeks I were very homesick, but now it is better and I enjoy my time here in England.

I haver never thought that England is more different than Germany. But I like it and I really enjoy the beautiful countryside and the nice people. Anna, Germany

I arrived 11 days ago and I really enjoy the country, the friendly people and my nice hostfamily. My hostparents help and support me wherever they can and I am supposed to ask any questions. To be open and honest is most important here and it helps to pick up everything very quickly. It was quiet easy to get to know the daily routines and to feel comfortable with the kids and the whole ambiance. Sinja, Germany

I have a really good time here, although I’m often homesick. I go for long walks with the 3 dogs do get my head free. Also I have learned to drive on the left side, scary but I liked it. My family is really nice and I think I couldn’t have a better family here. Theresa, Germany

I am very happy with my family. So, please be careful while choosing your family. You have to be sure about your decision. Check your feelings! Name not disclosed

Don´t worry about anything. Talk to your family or agency and most of your problems will find a solution Marthe, Germany

my hostfamily is really nice. i'm here in london since july and from the beginning i've felt good in my new family. i made some new friends in my language school and in Facebook. looking after the children sometimes can be very exhausting but i really enjoy having them around and play with them. Henriette, Germany

Being an Au Pair is a really great way to get to know a new country, meeting new people and of course working with children. While you have doubts in the first two weeks, you get used to it really quickly. The children may not get used to you during the first week, but after a while more and more good things happen, showing that the children are starting to accept you more and trust you. Shanice, German

I have been here for about three weeks now and I love it! The host family is so nice and I have a good time here. It's exactly what I expected! And in my room, I feel already like home. (: Anja, Austria

It 's really a good experience! Name not disclosed

I love being an aupair. when I go with my familie somewhere to help with the kids I always feel that I am the one who gets the most out of it. I have got so many different experiences like going to a wedding and we are going skiing at Christmas. Karoline, Denmark

the experience is incredible! It is very good to improve speaking English Raquel, Spain

It is an amazing experience and full of emotion! It makes us chnager for life (character, respect, experience, ...) Name not disclosed

I'm Elli from Germany and I'm really happy with my host family. everybody is nice to me and if I have a problem they always help me.

My name is Ewelina. I am Polish. I find being an au pair very exciting. My hot family is great and helpful. Children are very lively and enthusiastic. The town is very beautiful. I attend to language course. I am very pleased with this what is happening!

I'm happy to be here. Anna, Poland.

First I had to get a feeling for the daily life routine. The next step was to handle the day alone. You had to get the balance between being too strict or too nice to the children as you take care of them all day it was different than I was used to babysitting. They were pushing the boundaries but with the time they get used to you and know what they can and what they can't do. Apart from getting into your host family life it was also important to get to know new people as that is something you need to do. Having friends is necessary to be happy and to talk to them about your experiences. If you have any hobbies you should carry on doing them. Try to live as at home. I joined a hockey club and a fitnesscentre. After sorted out everything I started to enjoy my stay here. Laura, Germany

I enjoy my time here in England. My familiy is the best family I could ever get. Very generous and helpful in - choose my language school, find other Aupairs (friends), leisure planning,...... It is an experience worth. Lots of love Sabrina, Austria

I am so happy with everything since my stay began almost four weeks ago. The family is wonderful and welcomed me very nice. I get along great with all of them and they all helped me fantastically to settle in. My location is great, there are lots of other au pairs around and the train connection to London is really good and fast! Name not disclosed 

Everything I experienced so far is exactly how I imagined it, maybe even better and I am so happy that I took that opportunity to come here. Name not disclosed

I am very happy living in the UK. Ist's such a nice and friendly country with beautiful landscapes in many areas and i have already met so many au pairs from all aver the world. Even i just arrived 3 weeks ago.Name not disclosed